Follow the leader

You don’t have to change the world overnight to call yourself a leader. It’s the little things that add up— volunteering at a soup kitchen, raking your neighbor’s leaves or even handing out lollipops.

Make happiness your project

Do you want to be happy? Of course you do! Most people do. The real question is: What does happiness mean to you? Happiness means different things to everyone. Ultimately, it isn’t something that you have or you don’t. Anyone can be happy, but sometimes people forget how to get there. Here are 10 tips to tap into the happiness inside you.

The other “F” word

Nobody likes failure. But it’s something that everyone experiences—even you. The good news: You can turn a big mistake or rejection into something better. Don’t believe us? Read how these three teens overcame the other “F” word.

One direction

It doesn’t matter whether you’re part of a tiny club in the countryside, a club of 200 members in an urban cityscape or something in between. As Key Clubbers, we’re all working to make the world a better place—starting with our own schools and communities.

Focusing on the self

What can students learn from slowing down and taking a deeper look inside themselves?The pressure facing today’s high school students to succeed has never been greater. But how do students stop and say no to additional stress from time to time? And what are the benefits of doing so?

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